Art History through the Ages, Volume 2: Baroque and Rococo Art

Art History through the Ages, Volume 2: Baroque and Rococo Art

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Many of us find it difficult to add art and art history into our homeschool day. It just seems like there's not enough time!

That is where Art History through the Ages can help. It is designed to blend seamlessly into your history program, helping your children to learn how art, history, religion, culture, and politics all fit together!

Volume 1 covered the Northern and Italian Renaissance, but there's much more to the picture! Volume 2 carries the study into the Baroque and Rococo periods, which were a time of great growth and change in Europe, America, and many other areas.

Art History through the Ages, Volume 2: Baroque and Rococo Art

In Volume 2, you will learn about 6 master artists of the Baroque and Rococo periods, including:

  • Caravaggio

  • Peter Paul Rubens

  • Johannes Vermeer

  • Nicolas Poussin

  • Thomas Gainsborough

  • Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun

These artists cover a wide range of countries and cultures, including The Netherlands, Italy, France, and Britain. They also cover a wide range in history, from the time of the Reformation until Napoleon's reign.

With these lessons, your students will learn about the lives of the artists, their contributions to the art world, and the Baroque and Rococo styles of art. However, they'll also learn quite a bit about history, science, church history, geography, and more!

This study is geared to be easily adaptable to upper elementary through high school students, with activities and research/discussion topics geared to meet the needs of a wide range of ages and interests.

Also included are notebook pages for your students!

Add art history and humanities to your day in ways that are easy for you!

Download a sample of one of the artists studied!